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Good KL Escort Girls | KL Escort Girls +6016 9666 353 / +6016 3600 848

What Separates the Good KL Escort Girls From the Bad

If you are a kl escort girl, or you’re a woman who is thinking of entering this business, there are a number of tips I would like to give you.

1. Don’t Get in This Business If You’re Only in it for the Money. KL Escort girls have to Love Men, and You Must Love Sexy.

Even though these women offer their services, because they are not happy with what they do, they make things miserable for themselves and their clients, and in the end, they totally fail. If you don’t truly enjoy having sexy with strange men for money, this is the wrong business for you. While we all need to make money, the women that also do it because they love sex are the most successful and profitable.

Asian KL Escort2. Hobbyists Like Women Who Allow More. Too Many Rules is No Fun.

There is nothing I hate more than a kl escort girls with a laundry list of rules. “Don’t do this, don’t do that. You can’t touch me down there.” While some rules are necessary, too many rules is annoying, and it makes the experience less enjoyable. Here is a general rule of thumb: The more you allow, the more you can charge.

3. Always Make Your Prices Comparable With Your Services

Every now and then I run across escorts who charge outrageous prices, and they don’t have a good reason for doing it. As a business person, the one question that you must always ask yourself is “what separates you from the other women in this field?”

4. Get Creative. Learn More Sexy Skills

Sexy is a performance art, and there are some escort kl girls who are better at it than others. Read up on the positions of the Kama Sutra, and become skilled in various sexy positions. Watch sexy video guides to learn how to better pleasure your clients. When you do this, your stock value will increase, and clients will be dying to have you. In this game, it isn’t enough to just open your legs


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